Best Blockchain Startups List – 2022

Best Blockchain Startups List – 2023

The blockchain space is in its golden days. And it continues to evolve and get even bigger. According to experts’ estimations, the blockchain market can reach up to $67,4 billion by the end of 2026. And this is mainly due to the increased investment in blockchain technologies, extensive use of decentralized solutions in cybersecurity and banking, and high adoption of digital identities and smart contracts. 

Moreover, blockchain technology can revolutionize not only financial operations but also bring up-to-date solutions to major fields like insurance, government agencies, personal security identity, and more. 

This article has rounded up the best blockchain companies and their services. So, without further ado, let’s take a look. 

Blockchain Security: Why Is it Important?

Before we dive deep into exploring the hottest blockchain startups and companies, let’s first understand why blockchain security is vital and to improve it.

Blockchain platforms are one of the primary targets of hacking attacks, given their current popularity and massive flow of financial transactions, consumer data, and crypto assets. That’s why every blockchain company risks becoming the next huge bite for daily emerging cyber-attacks and threats—as such, building a solid security system and taking core preventive measures is a must for every startup. It can not only minimize the hacking risks and reduce fraud cases but also ensure the stable and safe work of all blockchain operations and save a lot of future troubles. 

Most blockchain companies regularly perform security audits and assessments to identify and fix existing vulnerabilities. There are various cybersecurity solutions available; however, the main choice always concerns vulnerability assessment vs. penetration testing. Both security solutions are highly effective and have their own strengths and benefits. So, whether you pick one or combine them in one comprehensive testing, the main goal is to detect all security issues within the blockchain system and prevent hacking attacks.

Other preventive measures include encryption mechanisms, safe Internet connection, flawless smart contract code, audits, etc.

Top Blockchain Companies: Review 2023

Every year new companies and startups pull to the forefront of the blockchain industry through innovative solutions and industry-disrupting business models. So we picked out the most popular and interesting blockchain startups that all aspiring entrepreneurs, investors, or ordinary users should follow.

#1 Intellectsoft 

Starting as a mobile app development company, Intellectsoft eventually evolved over the years and is now a software solution development company. This blockchain company provides consulting services in emerging technologies like cloud computing, artificial intelligence, the Internet of things, etc., as well as custom software development. 

The company offers its assistance and services to investors and clients who want to secure their business tech products and investments via smart contract protocol and blockchain distributed ledger. 

Up till now, Intellectsoft has been in partnership with over 500 major companies and world-class brands, including Jaguar, Young, Nestle, Ernst, and more.

#2 Chain

The next top blockchain startup on our list is Chain. It is a blockchain development firm that was founded in 2014. Chain mainly specializes in creating a cryptographic ledger system for various companies in the financial services industry. 

The company uses its blockchain-based technologies and tools to help stock exchanges, banks, and credit-card firms access, secure, manage and trade financial and digital assets. Moreover, Chain’s team has created a sequence ledger as a service that works with public networks and the private ledger for secure money transactions. 

This blockchain company can be used for a crypto exchange platform, mobile wallets, and a ride-sharing app. Its other services cover blockchain development, cryptography, distributed system, payment systems, and ledger technology. 

Some of the major names the Chain company works with include Visa, Citigroup, Fiserv, Nasdaq, and RRE Ventures.

#3 ChromaWay

Launched in 2014, ChromaWay came to the market with the main goal of developing a blockchain platform that works with public and private sectors to create smart contracts or other decentralized apps. One of the core achievements of the ChromaWay team is the Green Asset Wallet – a platform that efficiently connects green investors with investment opportunities. 

The company’s primary focus is on blockchain technology as a database. Later, they also introduced the postcard to their clients, which is a distributed database management tool. ChromaWay’s services include digital currency trading, blockchain development, consortium database, tokenization, debt financing, etc. 

#4 ScienceSoft

ScienceSoft is one of the pioneer blockchain platforms in the market with proven skills and services in blockchain development. It helps non-IT companies and software product enterprises build and design different blockchain solutions, including public and private blockchain networks, crypto tokens, dApps, STO issuance platforms, asset tokenization platforms, smart contracts, etc.

ScienceSoft has about 450 in-house developers who are experienced in creating blockchain solutions based on Hyperledger Fabric, Ethereum, Substrate, Solana, Polkadot, and more blockchain frameworks. Moreover, the firm delivers comprehensive services, including peer-to-peer market platforms like NFT marketplaces, decentralized e-commerce marketplaces, crypto asset exchange platforms, DeFi lending platforms, etc.

#5 Mythical Games

Another prominent blockchain startup with a core focus on the gaming industry is Mythical Games. It is a studio creating various online experiences and video games. One notable example of video games is their blockchain-based game Blankos, which was released in 2019. 

The main goal of this blockchain startup is to provide financial agency through secondary markets, verifiable scarcity, digital assets, and a seamless experience.

#6 Coinbase 

The next leading name in our list belongs to Coinbase. It is a cryptocurrency app that enables customers and users, including consumers, merchants, traders, and retail investors, to buy and sell stocks or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ether while building a solid digital portfolio of their investments and funding. 

The Coinbase app also provides multiple merchant processing tools and systems compatible with some of the major websites on the Internet.

#7 Chainalysis

Chainalysis is a blockchain company that helps government agencies, banks, and other blockchain ecosystem institutions confidently engage with cryptos. In addition, the team provides its users with a helpful platform with unlimited resources to detect and eliminate hacked and stolen funds efficiently. 

Chainalysis data platform powers compliance, risk management, and investigation tools that have been used to detect and solve some of the world’s major cyber criminal cases. 

#8 Coinme

Coinme is a crypto startup founded with the main goal of making investing in cryptocurrency accessible to a wider population. The realization of this idea considers a partnership with Coinstar to create several Bitcoin kiosks where users can easily make cash investments in cryptocurrency using crypto kiosks rather than online community platforms. Moreover, they will be able to track their financial transactions with the help of the Coinme app.

FAQ Section

What is a blockchain startup?

A blockchain startup refers to all companies built on a blockchain. Blockchain, in turn, is a decentralized ledger allowing networking and peer-to-peer cryptocurrency transactions. The central node does not control such startups. Instead, they are based on consensus mechanisms. They can use methods like Initial DEX Offerings or Initial Coin Offerings to buy and sell cryptocurrency or raise funds from around the globe. 

What is the biggest blockchain company?

This question can hardly have one exact answer. And that’s mainly because the blockchain industry, an essential part of the emerging technology, is full of various prominent and popular companies and blockchain applications. Some of the biggest blockchain companies as of today are: Coinbase, Binance, Money Group, Chainalysis, Solana

Who is leading blockchain technology?

Combining the scale, profit, funding, and operation functionality, here are the top leading companies providing blockchain solutions. Intellectsoft, LeewayHertz, Blockchangers, Altoros, Primechain, SoluLab